About Us

Virogin Biotech was founded in Canada in 2015, with a vision to be a global, best-in-class oncolytic virus company that creates impactful drugs for patients with the highest medical need.

We have over 170 employees, with R&D facilities in Canada and China.

At Virogin, we are at the forefront of developing novel oncolytic virotherapies. For every decision we make in the workplace, we think of the patients first. Oncolytic virotherapy is among the most promising agents to induce immunogenicity and overcome immune-suppressive barriers in so-called “cold tumors” or relapsed/refractory patient populations.
September 2022
Strategic Collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center
February 2022
Virogin USA established
January 2022
VG161 US IND approval; VG201 US IND approval
December 2021
D2 Financing
September 2021
Initiated construction of R&D and Manufacturing Center, Shanghai
May 2021
D1 Financing
September 2020
C Financing
May 2019
CNBG-Virogin Joint Venture established
November 2018
B2 Financing
May 2018
Virogin Biotech Australia established
April 2018
Shanghai Virogin Biotech established
February 2018
B1 Financing
January 2017
A2 Financing
February 2016
A1 Financing
August 2015
Seed Financing; Shenzhen Virogin Biotech established
April 2015
Virogin Biotech Hong Kong established; Virogin Biotech Canada established

Our Leadership Team

Chris Huang, MBA, DBA

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

William Jia, PhD.

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder

Ronghua Zhao, MD, PhD.

Chief Medical Officer

Shah Rahimian, MD

Chief Medical Officer, North America

Dr. Susie Tan, MD, PhD.

Chief Medical Officer, Asia-Pacific

Huanyu Zhao, MBA, PhD.

Senior Vice President

Scientific Advisory Board

Robert (Bob) L. Martuza

Massachusetts General Hospital

George R. Blumenschein

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Katy Rezvani

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Howard L. Kaufman

Ankyra Therapeutics

Li Jin

President of Fudan University

Mann Fung

Independent Consultant (Formerly at J&J Innovation)