mRNA Platform

Rapid Development in Response to a Pandemic

  • The first human trial of an mRNA vaccine commenced only 67 days after confirming the initial COVID-19 case, setting a record for the quickest human vaccine development in history.

Sparking a Global R&D Surge and Earning a Nobel Prize

  • The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded in 2023 for the development of mRNA technology.

Broad Application Potential

  • Given the success of clinically safe and effective mRNA vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, it is reasonable to expect that mRNA modality will have a promising future in the clinical treatment of various diseases, including:
    -Prevention of infectious diseases
    -Protein replacement therapy
  • Lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-delivered mRNAs are stable and increase cell delivery efficiency, thereby stimulating a more effective immune response.

  • Non-infectious and non-integrable to genome.

  • Production can be quickly designed and scaled up, making it adaptable with lower costs compared to other platforms.
Traditional barriers in drug development

Long development process

Difficult to develop effective drugs against complex pathogens

Our end-to-end mRNA platform

Target protein design

Has the ability to quickly design proteins for complex pathogens, including long or multiple proteins

microRNA regulating expression

-Specific expression in specific cells
-Enable localization of drugs via miRNA regulation

Delivery system

-Controllability of LNP size
-Monodispersity of LNP
-Superior encapsulation efficiency
-Suitable for mRNAs >9,000 nts

AI driven optimization

Partnership with AI company to advance mRNA-based therapeutics

Large-scale manufacture

Obtain large-scale manufacture capabilities through long-term strategic cooperation with CNBG

Virogin is developing a discovery stage mRNA platform designed to overcome traditional barriers in drug development. We are building a streamlined end-to-end platform that boasts exceptionally quick turnaround times and the capability for large-scale manufacturing. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and working with top-tier talent, we are advancing mRNA-based therapeutics through AI-driven optimization. Beyond the conventional mRNA platform, Virogin is innovating with a self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) platform that promises to unlock the full potential of biologically targeted mRNA therapeutics with precision and efficiency. 

Prime-boost Approach

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Monkeypox mRNA vaccine

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Our pipeline

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