Self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA)

Background and Mechanism of saRNA

Self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA) molecule simultaneously encodes both the therapeutic payload(s) and an RNA replicase derived from alphavirus. Once saRNA is inside the cell, the rapidly expressed RNA replicase exponentially ‘copies and pastes’ the payload-encoding RNA, ensuring efficient protein expression.

In comparison to non-replicating linear mRNA, saRNA effectively leverages the unique RNA amplification effect, resulting in:

  • Significantly amplified mRNA, leading to higher and longer expression of the therapeutic payload(s), potentially unmet needs in protein replacement therapy.
  • Efficient replication producing double-strand RNA, which modestly triggers host innate immunity, enhancing the effectiveness in immuno-related applications, including oncology treatment and infectious disease prevention.

'Plug and Play'

Virogin's saRNA platform is suitable for a quick construct of POC assays

saRNAs are derived from alphaviruses. Virogin is developing saRNA platform as the next-gen technology with our 30 years of experience and know-hows in virology and immunology.
Based on our platform, we carefully select and optimize appropriate vectors to:

Maximize the amount of target protein expression and increase duration

Enhance the integrity and yield

Enable independent expression of multiple payloads

VG​ High Integrity​ saRNA​ backbone

Virogin's saRNA backbone carries 'plug and play' feature that is suitable for a quick construct of POC assays.
Virogin overcomes technical barriers to the integrity and yield of IVT in the saRNA (>9000 nt) preparation: