Prevention and treatment of HPV-related cancer through a mRNA vaccine expressing APC-targeting antigen

Xiaoxuan Li, Huiyan Wang, Wujiang Lai, Jinrong Liao, Wenyu Mo, Keke Huang, Liqing He, Xiaomei Liang, Zhibin Yu, Jiang Xu, Xianwu Hua, Fujun Hou, Jun Ding, William Wei-Guo Jia, Kuan Zhang, Yifeng Wang (2024).

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Virogin Poster at 3rd Annual mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe, Jan 2024

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HER2-expressing Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus Induces Robust and Persistent Immune Response Against HER2-Positive Tumor Cells.

Zahid Delwar, Olga Tatsiy, Dmitry V. Chouljenko, I-Fang Lee, Guoyu Liu, Xiaohu Liu, Luke Bu, Jun Ding, Manu Singh, Yanal M Murad, William Wei-Guo Jia * (2023).

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The initial report of phase I trial of VG2025, a non-attenuated HSV-1 oncolytic virus expressing IL-12 and IL-15/RA payloads, in patients with advanced solid tumors.

Fu, S., Kundranda, M. N., Rahimian, S., Shen, Y., Tan, Q., Zhao, R., Esmaeili, N., Singh, M., Ding, J., Murad, Y., & Liang, T. (2023).

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Combination of novel oncolytic herpesvirus with paclitaxel as an efficient strategy for breast cancer therapy.

Deng, X., Shen, Y., Yi, M., Zhang, C., Zhao, B., Zhong, G., WeiyangLou, Xue, D., Leng, Q., Ding, J., Zhao, R., Jia, W., Dong, C., & Dai, Z. (2023).

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VG161 activates systemic antitumor immunity in pancreatic cancer models as a novel oncolytic herpesvirus expressing multiple immunomodulatory transgenes.

Shen, Y., Song, W., Lin, D., Zhang, X., Wang, M., Li, Y., Yang, Z., Guo, S., Wang, Z., Sheng, J., Murad, Y., Ding, J., Lou, Y., Pan, X., Wu, Z., Zhao, R., Jia, W., Bai, X., & Liang, T. (2023).

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