Dr. Susie Tan, MD, PhD.

Chief Medical Officer, Asia-Pacific

Dr. Susie Tan’s expertise is in oncology, precision cancer medicine, cancer genomics, drug development, and clinical trials management with academic research interests focused on the development, assessment, and validation of novel therapeutic strategies for cancer including molecular targeted therapies. She is the first author and co-author of over 20 publications in major peer-reviewed journals such as Lancet Oncology and Clinical Cancer Research. Dr. Tan is a professor at Tianjin Medical University/Tianjin Cancer Center and Shanghai Tech University/Shanghai Clinical Research & Clinical Trial Centre in China, and editorial board member for Annals of Translational Medicine and Chinese Journal of Cancer Research. Prior to joining Virogin, Dr. Tan was VP of Clinical Development at Lepu Biopharma, and Chief Medical Officer at Yidu Cloud. She was also a senior oncology clinical research scientist and Principal Investigator at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada’s largest and one of the world’s top five cancer treatment and research centres, overseeing over 100 Phase I/II/III clinical trials.