Virogin Announces Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson

Vancouver, Canada - Virogin Biotech Ltd. ("Virogin"), an early stage biotech research company, is proud to announce a collaboration agreement with Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Janssen Biotech, Inc. (“Janssen”) to further the development of Virogin’s novel oncolytic therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.

The collaboration agreement will leverage the resources of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, including scientific experts, to continue the development of Virogin’s technology.

Dr. William Jia, co-founder and CSO of Virogin said, “Our team has been developing oncolytic virotherapy since the 90s, including many years of study in Canada and the first oncolytic virotherapy clinical trial in China. Now, through our collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, we can leverage their global resources and scientific expertise to work together in China, the US, Canada, and leverage resources from across the world to continue the development of our unique technology. We are very excited to be working with Johnson & Johnson Innovation on oncolytic therapeutics and look forward to further development.”

About Virogin Biotech Limited

Virogin Biotech Ltd. is a start-up company formed by a team of scientists with expertise of molecular virology and immunology. The company is located in Vancouver, Canada and Shenzhen, China. ViroGin Biotech is set to develop anti-cancer biological drugs using their novel platform of oncolytic viruses armed with multi-antitumour mechanisms.

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