Synerlytic™ Platform

Virogin’s Synerlytic™ platform is built on a novel combination of our enhanced oncolytic virus backbone and targeted immune regulators released by the virus. Our unattenuated oncolytic viruses have strict controls on viral gene expression to make them fully tumor-selective.

In addition to killing tumor cells directly, Virogin’s Synerlytic™ viruses deliver a payload of carefully selected immune-regulatory factors that work in synergy to alter the tumor microenvironment and generate a robust anti-tumor immune response.

The Synerlytic™ platform is designed to work synergistically with current standard of care (SoC) treatments to prolong treatment efficacy by creating an extended anti-tumor immune memory.

Advantages of the Synerlytic™ platform:

  • Enhances activation of both the adaptive and innate anti-tumor immune response

  • Complements current standard of care (SoC) treatments and therapies in development

  • Optimizes local targeted activity without systemic toxicity

  • High levels of prolonged efficacy by creating an extended anti-tumor immune memory

  • Transcriptional and translational dual control of viral gene expression ensures patient safety